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Reconnect Breathwork Retreat Pointe au Baril, Canada

May 24-26 | Investment $650 or by Donation | 8 spots

Dear Friends, this is a retreat program offered to people interested in working seriously for their continuous mind and body health. We accept people committed to following the retreat program schedule and experiencing the benefits of complete digital disconnect, food reset, nature embrace and, most importantly, working with their breath to process emotional and physical stress and trauma. To keep the program affordable, we would appreciate it if you could cover the investment that supports the accommodations without commercial profit for service. We also understand that healing may be needed when finances are scarce, so we accept donations based on everyone’s life circumstances.

Please note that to be accepted in the retreat program, you must have completed at least one group or individual session of breathwork with Mira.

Check out the latest schedule of all group sessions.

About the Land, Air and Water:

This retreat is hosted in a breathtaking nature oasis on Georgian Bay, in the beautiful area of Pointe au Baril in Ontario. The area has the most inspiring and healing qualities due to its location and pristine landscape. The warm embrace of the water, the magnificent sunsets over Georgian Bay, the tranquil river channels and the captivating rocks will make you feel one with nature while reestablishing your connection with yourself.

Healing Benefits:

The retreat aims to support people in disconnecting from the city and life’s demands and provide a restoring gateway where your mind and body will realign using your breath. Furthermore, the supportive community, sun cycle-focused meditations and integration techniques will leave lasting effects on your life.

We work with themes arising during sharing circles and while contemplating in silence. The focus is on reducing stress and anxiety and providing a nurturing environment to process physical and emotional blockages. We address attachments and harmful mind chatter, burnout effects, grief, and communication challenges.

The retreat program allows for experiencing both inward reflection and communal support.

Some of the benefits you may experience:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • increase in energy and surge of positivity
  • physical release throughout the body
  • life realizations and unlocking of stuckness
  • creative inspiration and feelings of tranquillity

    Accommodations and commitment:

The retreat is hosted in an authentic, eco-friendly, and self-sustainable cabin. The accomodations are shared and each room has 2-3 beds. The facilities are completely off-grid and accessed by water only.

The program schedule runs Friday from 3pm to 9:30pm, Saturday from 5am to 9:30 pm and Sunday from 5am to 1pm.

No outside food is permitted, you need to bring your toiletries (only natural), sleeping bag, pillow, yoga mat, blanket, eye mask. No scents and loud noise are permitted except during breathwork practice.

What’s included in your Reconnect Retreat package:

  • 2 nights at an eco-friendly cabin with shared accommodations and amenities
  • vegan, gluten free light breakfast (x2), lunch (x2) and dinner (x2)
  • natural herbal teas, including mountain selection and Rosa Damascena
  • boat pick up and drop off
  • Two Breathwork Experiences (subject to change based on group experience)
  • Integration techniques and support after the retreat
  • 15 mins 1:1 session for individual support during the retreat
  • Parking at a local marina

    Please note that a 50% non-refundable (transferable) deposit is required to secure your spot. All participants are notified of their acceptance into the program within two weeks of their intake interview.

    Only 8 spots available.

    Carpool options may be available and have to be requested at the time of the intake call.

    For additional questions or, please email Mira with subject line Reconnect Retreat Ontario.

    An itinerary and detailed information will be provided after securing your spot.

❤️ From Reconnect Retreat 2023

We wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the extraordinary spiritual retreat you hosted. This experience was unlike any other we’ve encountered, and we are truly appreciative of the care and thoughtfulness you put into it.

The intimate and exclusive atmosphere you created allowed us to connect on a profound level. The perfectly sized group provided each of us with the opportunity to share, listen, and forge meaningful bonds. The location itself was nothing short of spectacular – witnessing both sunrise and sunset over the picturesque lake from the same property left us in awe.

The meals were not just nourishing but infused with love and attention, mirroring the mindfulness and intention behind every ceremony you led. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed, from the “Ali Eggplant Salad” to the fantastic playlist that added to the overall experience.

Your warm hospitality and the genuine care you showed towards each participant left an indelible mark on our hearts. We look up to you both as inspirations for the kind of people we aspire to become as we continue to grow.

With boundless appreciation and affection,

Ali and Cherie, Toronto, Canada

“I had a beautiful experience with breathwork work with Mira. She was super attentive and supportive. She made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She guided me through different breathing techniques and helped me release some emotional blockages. I felt very relaxed after the session. I highly recommend Mira to anyone who wants to explore the benefits of breathwork.”

Mira Markovic

Entreprenuer, Toronto