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Gift for the New Year.

On our through and out of 2023, I am sharing a gratitude technique to wish you a beautiful reflection on completing your cycle with all the challenges it brought to you. Let the new one bring you light and appreciation. Before we set intentions and… Read More »Gift for the New Year.

Be You + NEWS!

Do you remember a moment when you knew something changed, and you are still in the old moment, knowing it had changed? The year 2023 and the holiday season in December, with all of its controversy and significance, is different; we have changed as kin… Read More »Be You + NEWS!

When in Doubt, have some HOPE.

Today’s message will be a storytelling galore. The first short story opens the conversation with the shadow side pointing the light of awareness on a sneaky habit. It is one that imprisons our full life potential : The Devil listed all his tools and tricks for… Read More »When in Doubt, have some HOPE.

What is the burnout economy?

I am sending blessings from one of the oldest and most colourful European cities- Lisbon. This past week, I was part of an innovation and technology conference with nearly 80,000 people in attendance. As you may imagine, an event of this magnitude contains the energy… Read More »What is the burnout economy?