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Meet Mira


Holistic Healing and Support

Mira is a Bulgarian-Canadian storyteller and holistic communications specialist. She brings more than two decades of focused perspective from the business world to her transformative work. Having navigated a personal burnout journey five years ago, Mira created a therapeutic practice to include the transformative power of breathwork, mindfulness, and art, and a nurturing environment for individuals and communities grappling with the challenges of “the burnout economy” and trauma.

In her compassionate approach, Mira uses guided breathwork coaching, mindfulness and storytelling to carefully unpack the pervasive issues stemming from the burnout epidemic and wide-spread and standardized suppression of trauma, including anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and pain, imposter complex, and a dearth of self-love and compassion. Her unique journey not only equips her with first-hand understanding but ignites her commitment to holding a safe space for those in need of integration and healing.

Mira offers individual, groups sessions, and reconnection retreats in off-grid setting in Canada and internationally.

She has an HBA in Communications Studies, and is a student of Stanislav Grof, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and a certified Elemental Rhythm Breathwork facilitator.


Europe: +359 882 644 924

North America: +1 416 566 7847


Instagram: @mira_storyteller

“Mira led me in a breathwork session and it was absolutely incredible and transformative. She explained at the beginning how it works and what can happen while breathing deeply. Everything was accurate and took away any worry for me. It was such a deep experience and I hope to do more breathwork sessions with her regularly. ”

Trish Orzech

Ontario, CA