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Be You + NEWS!

Do you remember a moment when you knew something changed, and you are still in the old moment, knowing it had changed?

The year 2023 and the holiday season in December, with all of its controversy and significance, is different; we have changed as kin and individuals.

This upcoming season provides enough space and retrospectives to wish for more connectedness, simplicity and relief from the weights.

Keeping empathy in our acts of giving, receiving and experiencing in our communities are the greatest gifts. 

Stay healthy in all your bodies
happy with all your senses
and follow your inner light
to the mountains of life,
led by your beautiful
essence within.

NEWS: Breathwork Experience now at The Toronto Botanical Gardens

I am packaging emotionally 2023 with so many warm feelings, one of them being the pilot program of two breathwork classes at the Edwards Gardens, Toronto Botanical Gardens. 

The Gardens offer an array of 17 award-winning themed gardens spanning nearly four acres, designed to educate and inspire. Nature’s purity makes the breathing location central to the experience.

These gardens have charged me through the years in some of the most loving and challenging moments. I remember going there to breathe through the years. No one knew, but the trees, what was happening inside. Nature is the best psychotherapist on Earth!

Breathing with nature in my practice has shown times the results we see in regular studio sessions.

Join us, bring a friend, and let’s breathe together into the new year.

February 14 from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm – celebrating love in a holistic way, with Rosa Damascena tea.

March 23 from 10:00 am- 11:30 am – embracing all seasons of life with mountain tea.

Sending ❤️ for your cultural celebrations. Let the time with your emotions be beautiful.