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You are the key to peace and healing.

The week was engulfed by so much sadness, terror, worries and emotions. The times we live in are unprecedented due to the culmination of pent-up emotions and trauma collected for centuries if not millennia. Many native nations and other spiritual, religious and mythological texts have predictions for our times. They speak of great suffering but also connection, lighting fires of hope and healing; such is the inner path to a breakthrough and healing!

The world seems surreal, and it is becoming harder to function in our daily roles, knowing how many people worldwide suffer. Many are asking what the purpose of working, enslaving our lives to material possessions is when food has become a luxury for their families. Are we wasting our precious time on tasks and people that do not relate to our innate life purpose? What is our life purpose and purpose of humanity? Why do the lives of innocent people have no value? Is there anything we can do? What is truth? Is humanity on a path of extinction, and what will happen to the planet? So many of us are questioning the validity and viability of life and worry about the next generation.

It is inevitable for feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, and grief to resurface. It is also normal to feel numb and to suppress emotions in hopes it will all go away. In moments of intense global events, our emotions related to traumatic events will bubble up on the surface, pushed by lower vibrations, and triggered by fear and anxiety felt on a mass scale. You may experience depression, anxiety and stress deeper than usual. 

Healing comes from within when we feel connected

We are all human and are connected. Inately, we feel each other, whether we pay attention to it or not. Know that you are not alone in your feelings.

I want to bring hope and optimism. To start, Friday 13 is an awesome sunny day in Ontario, unrelated to superstitions of darkness. Tomorrow, there is a new lunar eclipse in Libra with a powerful message of Riding the Waves of Change. It brings balancing of the scales. To add to the magic of the universe, tomorrow there is a partial solar eclipse; how exciting!

Archetypal powers have always been in play. Similar to individual life lessons, humanity’s collective lessons will return stronger until we adopt a different way of being, feeling and relating to each other. To bring Einstein to the conversation, problems cannot be solved with the same way of thinking that created them. Polarization, labelling and any type of fundamentalism feed the shadows.

Darkness and light are in a perpetual wrestle for dominance, yet they exist symbiotically, created by the same force that gave us breath. These powers rave outside and inside of us and constitute our existence. The manifestations in the material world around us are a reflection of the inner battles at play in each one of us. The good news is with the global village advancement, for the first time in history, we see outside the cave (Plato’s allegory of the cave).

What can we do? How can we bring peace to the world?

To overcome the anxious energy and feelings, we start by focusing on us first. Hence, creating a safe and loving environment in our hearts allows us to hold a safe space for others on a mass scale. We become warriors of the light. I use warrior deliberately, as the term before adopted by warfare was synonymous with “codes of conduct based on respect, honour, protection and service. In the Wabanaki tradition, being a warrior meant that you were both a helper and shield to the community.” ~ Sherri Mitchell, Sacred Connection)

Understanding and embracing your medicine, your unique life purpose, your energetic signature, and your gift are the keys to peace and healing of the world. The feelings of fear and hopelessness feed the beast. I call it the global consciousness of desperation. It means that even if we have the best intentions, congregating to share and spread fear is not helping us or the people in need.

Self-care steps 

  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable and express emotions, and lovingly embrace children and partners to express theirs. Normalizing self-care is the most useful lesson we can teach our kids and share with our communities.
  • Make time and space for you. Explore yoga, breathwork, walks in nature, therapy, retreats, and meditation. Shift to a healthy and balanced diet, and avoid alcohol and smoking. Try to get enough sleep. Pray or spend time in silence.
  • Journal, listen to music, sing and draw. Arts are one of the most effective ways of healing and accessing suppressed subconscious trauma. 
  • Cultivate and practice feelings of compassion, self-forgiveness and connectedness. 
  • Practice no judgement and random acts of kindness to open your heart.
  • Allow the flow, your intuition, and gut feeling to take you to like-minded communities. Shed old ways of thinking, upbringing and restrictive behaviours.
  • Smile, and don’t forget to breathe deep from your belly, slow and mindful.