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Transform with the healing power of breathwork and mindfulness

Breathwork is one of the most ancient healing and reconnection modalities. It is also your primordial right. We come to this Earthly life with a breath and depart with one. Between those two breaths, we experience life’s ups and downs. Somehow, the mounting stress makes us forget how to breathe and rocks us into a trance. The overstimulation and stress shorten our breaths and speed up our lives. Additionally, we either journey back in the past of pain and regrets or fly into the future of expectations and success. The guiding light is our ability to focus on what matters most in life in this very precious moment of now. Accepting the ever-changing flow of life can be achieved through prayer, meditation, breathwork, and other modalities that lead us to reconnection with our bodies, nature, and, ultimately, creation.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Is the world of your reality one of chaos and uncertainty? In this context, many fears that drive our unconscious triggers are exacerbated. This leads to physical and mental deterioration in society and individually. We repeat patterns and cycles until they become unbearable and confusing, a road without a visible exit.

The normalization of over-exhaustion has left many people without a breath. Instead of falling in despair, each crisis tells us its fire is an opportunity for rebirth, just like a phoenix.

How to find your way back?

I am forever grateful for re-discovering my breath, and this short message of love is to give back to you the gift of your life. May it inspire you to join a supportive practice and community that offers more than a visit and temporary relief but belonging and purpose.

From the moment we enter the human realm, we start experiencing the world. Our existence in the mother’s womb has a direct effect on our life. Thus, developing in a nurturing or deprived amniotic environment is the first signal sent to our nervous and emotional systems. consequently, our psyche starts being imprinted with sensations. Then, the actual birth represents one of the most intense experiences a human goes through and happens to be when we are most fragile. It is always a matter of life and death for the newborn and the mother. Giving this moment its existential and psychological significance is one of the main focuses of Holotropic Breathwork and the work of Prof. Stanislav Grof.

From there on, life unfolds to give us gifts in the form and shape of experience, emotions, and crisis. With the industrialization of society, many of the natural coping mechanisms that benefited us as individuals and as part of society have been lost. The Cartesian and commercial views of the world have stripped our human society of survival instincts and modalities. But most importantly, from our connection to the natural without the extreme dissection and analysis of the experience. Our communal ties have been severed, and it has become so much easier to cast blame, judgment and expectations onto others, deflecting our feelings because it pains to look inside.

I see a crisis as an opportunity to grow and heal. There is a saying I love “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste

The path to healing goes through awareness of pain. The medicine is breath!

Breathwork is a modality that allows complete body rejuvenation and mental relaxation. Some of the benefits we witness and experience are:

  • Improved attention and decrease of stressful hormones – stress gets trapped in our body in various ways. When we breathe, we release it from the physical body. Furthermore, we introduce oxygen into the cells and allow our emotional body to release the stagnant energy that keeps us in lower vibrational or mental states. Harvard Business Reviews share studies that point out that breathwork and meditation had a more immediate effect on the stress levels of participants. The subconscious is guided to release trapped material. As Joseph Campbell points out, everything above the line could be processed, and therefore, trauma could be released and stress decreased. The overall balancing act is multi-dimensional.
  • Release of physical blockages within the body – one of the biggest authorities on breathwork is Prof. Stanislav Grof. He has facilitated over 40,000 holotropic breathwork cases and has clinical research spanning over 60 years. Hence, his research shows that physical stagnation is released during breathwork, sometimes relieving people from chronic conditions or temporary spasms. I see over and over again how people walk into a session with migraines, pinched nerves, or chronic conditions, and within a session or series of sessions, the pain is released naturally.
  • Support in injury recovery – sports medicine has known this for a long time. The increase of oxygen, the natural flow of blood during breathwork, and the relaxation of muscles and organs contribute to a holistic healing process that is naturally suited for the body.
  • Improved sleep cycle- this is one of the first effects that people experience. Individuals with sleep problems experience relaxation and release, reconnection with natural cycles and consequently have the awareness and natural soothing capacity to return to a normal sleeping cycle.

Additionally, breathwork and mindfulness are the keys to a healthy society

The combination of breathwork, mindfulness, and art is showing tremendous potential to hold a safe and healing space for our communities and society. When overwhelmed with thoughts of doomsday and no exit, remember that your healing is healing for all of us, as we are connected.

Additional benefits of breathwork
  • Aids recovery from burnout, anxiety, depression, and overwhelming feelings – these are all conditions that currently more than 50% of the developed world population have recorded to have experienced or know someone that has suffered from. They are serious! A burnout recovery may take the rest of your life.
  • Increased feelings of comfort, relaxation, vigour and alertness- the most amazing part about regular practices is the immediate effects breathwork and mindfulness have on the state of being. Numerous studies post-COVID have examined the stress levels of front-line workers and have recorded that mindfulness and meditation have significantly higher results in reducing stress, and easing the symptoms and effects of burnout.
  • Increased self-awareness and the connection with others and the living world – this is a numinous part of the experience. Naturally, the connection with the flow of existence is restored. People experience profound and loving moments of reconnection with themselves, others and the natural world.
  • Release of mental blocks and a clearer perspective – Forbes has an article that beautifully explains the breathwork from physical and
  • Decrease in mental chatter and obsessive thoughts – this is a huge benefit, as the overconsuming chatter is on the way to a healthier, more balanced life. The trance and cloudiness prevent us from fully unfolding our potential and true purpose in life. When we breathe mindfully and are part of a consistent practice and supportive community, we develop new neuro-pathways and ways of living.

Integration is your super power!

The most important part of any experience is its integration into daily lives. In the Western Hemisphere, we are fortunate to have access to so many modalities and practitioners. What remains crucial here is to understand that the real power is within you. The path to healing, decreasing stress, having a healthier mind and body, a more loving relationship and attracting the most fulfilling life is all within your innate human wisdom. Breath is a wonderful teacher and healer but is a tool, a gift from creation to us; we are the agents of change and transformation.

Sending ❤️ and appreciation for your patience, loving nature, and bravery to follow your natural instincts.

*To learn more about individual or group sessions and how to become part of the Breathe Feel Heal Community and program visit the sessions page. *