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What does success mean to you?

Does it feel like the year is trying to squeeze in through the eye of a needle?

Everything that was waiting- now wants to be.
In those moments, it is a sweet place to pause and think of what success means to me.

Around Holidays, at the of a period, we tend to look for success metrics to determine if we were worth it, based on some conventional measures The dark challenge is when this turns into perfectionism and competitiveness without limits. Instead of stopping for reflection and appreciation, the burnout economy keeps the gas pedal of our amygdalas to perpetuate the fear for and of our existence, worth, and status amongst our fellow humans.

Burnout itself is a direct result of pushing ourselves to levels of exhaustion that are dangerous for our physical and mental health. Stress is adding new coping mechanisms and addictions and silently spreading amongst professionals and children around the globe. Some people experience it in mild forms and don’t reach a tipping point, but nevertheless, unfortunately, develop habits that perpetuate anxiety and stress-inflicted physical implications as chronic or autoimmune conditions. Many of these are described in The Body Keeps and Score and When The Body Says No

Tempted with success as professionals, parents, and friends, we long for belonging and connectedness but are constantly distracted.

If success were measured in healthy units, in workplaces, as part of ESG practices, or even as far as the healthcare system, then human-centredness would be a game changer. We know that there are cultures where being healthy is the official priority, and disciplines like homeopathy, somatics, ayurveda, and acupuncture have widely opened up awareness around holistic approaches to the unfolding health crisis.

Art is a majestic way to express a universal connection between the emotional and physical. It also teaches us that success is subjective and as such should not be judged by others, but by ourselves. The only way to do that is by releasing the judgement hanging tightly around our own existence. If we follow what drives superficial success for us, and what success means deeply instead, most likely will uncover a longing for connectedness. This is not a one-and-done process, it takes years to break old habits of behaviour and allow a gentler existence.

To lessen the pressure of the burnout economy, it helps to literally start with the basics, nature, breathing, eating, feeling, thinking and moving

Sending ❤️