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Seasons and Emotions

I hope your days are filled with joy as you witness the magnificent display of Mother Nature. As we embrace the glory of Autumn, thoughts of Winter, shutting down and change loom in. Perhaps some of the grey-scale emotions made their way into your heart. I call grey-scale emotions the ones that we try to avoid. Yet they haunt us relentlessly, causing stress, anxiety, and often depression. Some of these emotions are fear, anger, and grief. Indeed, they are not negative but part of the seasons and emotions of life.

Processing and accepting all emotions is the path to removing the side effects on our physical and spiritual existence.

Even amongst sceptics of body, mind, and spirit connection, the colder and darker months evoke meek feelings. We are wired this way. The bodies tighten, as we adapt to the lower temperatures and fewer hours of light. Archetypally it rings ancestral memories of myths of death, darkness, deceit, shutting down, underworld, and desperation. One of my favourite stories is the story of Persephone. It describes the seasons of life and nature with rich symbols (Queen of the underworld Goddess of spring, the dead, the underworld, grain, and nature).

The seasons of life.

If we step away from the natural seasons, we tend to do the same exercise in the seasons of our lives. One major difference is that Mother Nature has a built-in mechanism to switch effortlessly. Thus, Winter is a time to nurture new life. Then new life will sprout in Spring. Indeed, it is wise to use winter to reflect, pause, go inward and deepen our self-care. Opposite to this natural cycle, industrialized societies have made the human species press on the accelerator pedal at all times. This industrialized way is keeping the fear button ON. We experience fear, and then we create obsessive thoughts, that generate feelings and keep us in perpetual stress, related to people, our jobs, society, and the world.

My wish is for everyone to develop a deeper connection with these seasons and emotions, to inhale their power and harness the opportunities they provide without being bound by their shadow aspects.

Breathwork is a powerful way to learn to accept all emotions as part of our human fabric. In such a way, we lessen stress and open our hearts to create spaciousness for more joy, light and calmness.