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Gift for the New Year.

On our through and out of 2023, I am sharing a gratitude technique to wish you a beautiful reflection on completing your cycle with all the challenges it brought to you. Let the new one bring you light and appreciation.

Before we set intentions and goals for the future, it is knowledge to sit with the past, any hurt, joy and wonder that was brought to you on our journey so far

We are the key to our story!

If others do not understand or walk along you, remember it is not their story. All the great religions and myths tell us that the hero’s journey was not a gentle one, and the soul always ascended upon surrender to its higher purpose.

In my current art research, I discovered that the ancient Bulgarians celebrated New Year on December 21, which happens to be my birthday. This day is day Zero! On their counts, today is the 9th of January, 7,529. It challenged my perception of cycles and created a new opportunity to pause. 

To close the year you can try to explore by closing your eyes at first and sitting

If today was my last day

How would I feel if I knew I would transcend today? What do I believe in?

Take deep breaths and allow the feelings to enter; let your imagination roam. Who is here with you today? Who do you wish was here?

Ask yourself-What am I leaving behind, and what matters? What am I focused on and is this what my heart wants? 

If panic arises, gently remind yourself it is a visualization and take deep breaths, slowly inhale and exhale.

There are no intentions or goals of tomorrow, there is only the moment of now.

There are no worries and lists of to-dos, there is no grudge – only forgiveness- for myself and others.

Relax your body from head to toe, by noticing where it is clenching and where it is encapsulating fear (heart, joints, feet, jaw?). Keep returning to your body throughout the day and evening, as you may get carried away with activities.

Focus on your intention as you move through the rest of your day. Pay attention if you are going slower; act from the heart throughout; and keep the awareness on a non-threatening, calm level. This technique is not intended to evoke action but feelings of gratitude and appreciation in the eve of new life.

Close the day in bed with your left hand on your heart, palm down, right hand on top and deep inhale and exhale with counts of 8.

Practice daily, because every day is a new day.

Sending ❤️