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Mindful Communication will heal the workforce.

Another year is coming to an end and with the upcoming season, the intensity of emotions is palpable. 

It is hard to imagine festivities when so much hatred, pain and misfortune are being experienced by fellow humans around the world and close to us. The financial crisis has hit the majority of people, along with an unprecedented health crisis. The onset of burnout is now being noticed by researchers and human health is at risk. Many diseases otherwise rare are being diagnosed in young people. We lost two people in our close family circle from very aggressive and unexpected cancer. 

The reality of it is that no matter what other circumstances are at play, our emotions and thoughts determine our health and well-being. 

  • A quarter of Canadians reported symptoms of mental health disorder in 2021, five million reported needing help for their mental health, and 35% said they are burned out. 
  • The crisis is disproportionately impacting young people. About 40% of Canadian workers 18-24 are at mental health breaking point.
  • 50% of young professionals in 2022 reported needing help for an emotional or health problem.

When young people are in a health crisis, it is a loud signal that we need to look at social health with a different approach.

There needs to be more than the wellness apps and yoga allowances. In the same way, our body sends us warning signs with minor illnesses, then more painful, and finally terminal, until we listen, our communications are key to addressing the health crisis. 

Humans are social creatures, and the survival key is our ability to communicate and care for each other. I read in one of the many books I read in a month that the biggest human discovery was a 20,000-year-old healed femur bone. It showed that in the harshest of times, humans cared for each other. Care is impossible without communication.

I spent some time with my elderly grandmother in Bulgaria a week ago and had an interesting observation in a typical hospital there. I also visited a well-regarded and certified natural healer (natural healing is part of the Bulgarian culture and has been preserved through centuries of holistic health wisdom). The hospital was filled with many people, all looking depleted of life, angry, desperate, with no light in their eyes. The cabinet of the 85-year-old natural healer was filled with people, but they had hope in their eyes. She was communicating gently, lovingly, and with compassion. People received healing, hope and human kindness in her office.

The way we communicate with people matters. 

It matters to the quality of interaction and outcome. It also directly impacts the health of the sender and receiver. Research shows that mindful communication helps with stress and anxiety reduction, burnout prevention, and with overall health and immune system health. Furthermore, it stimulates healthy lifestyle choices, so less addiction, screen time, aggression etc. Work, friends, romantic relations, and family dynamics, all are contributors to stress.

We may be experiencing hardships ourselves, but the one thing we can do for the world this holiday season and for the rest of our lives is to practice mindful communication.

In short, it is a non-judgmental, curious, and self-compassionate awareness of one’s moment-to-moment experience, which is translated into the exchange with others. Its magic stems from acknowledging and accepting everyone as they are and communicating without habitual reactivity.

It is not easy or achieved overnight. Mindfulness is a conscious psychological process. The good news is that awareness turns on when we set our intentions.

Mindful Communications Work Sessions

I am very excited to share that I will be launching a new program in 2024 to support employers and employees across Canada with this very costly crisis.

I have been fortunate to be able to combine my two decades of experience in marketing and communications with the mindfulness and breathwork practice.

Mindful Communication will be a series of workshops and team events, focusing on awareness, mindful practices, breathwork exercises and creating a healthy and thriving work environment with lasting effects.

If you feel your place of work or another company will benefit from burnout prevention or support, please reach out.

If you think you have valuable observations that will enrich the workshops, please email me with your suggestions and insights.

Sending ❤️