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Feeling happy for no reason.

This week, the focus is on nurturing happiness.

Working with pain becomes more comfortable than connecting with happiness. It takes practice to hold presence without anticipating the terrible to happen. The mind is wired to stay alert to challenges. Even when supposed to be at peace, the guard is up.

This week was intense, personally. I had to make choices that concerned dear people in my life and my commitment to them. It was challenging to keep the happy vibe present. I was rushing to my next task, packing, writing, doing, not experiencing my moments, not feeling joy. How could I possibly send you a message of happiness when I was barely holding it in my hands?

I am pausing with you as you read these lines. In this very moment, all that we have and need is contained. We cannot control the next minute, the next human reaction in our life. All we can do is open our hearts to what it is and be happy. Happy for the people around us, for our bodies, for the sky and air, for the fact that we have running water and shoes, and for the breaths we are taking right now. So happy!

We can imagine this happiness as a calm and bright presence around us, within us, that surrounds the worries and the constant anticipation of disaster. Next time you feel you are being overwhelmed and robbed of happiness by the trance of every life, pause again and repeat to yourself what makes you happy right now, perhaps your puppy, your kids, the perky green flower on your window ledge, or the smile of your neighbour across the street. What brings you unattached happiness?

Focusing on happiness, gratitude and joy instead of pain is a technique to nurture the heart and open more space.

Where we focus our energy this is where our path leads.