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When in Doubt, have some HOPE.

Today’s message will be a storytelling galore. The first short story opens the conversation with the shadow side pointing the light of awareness on a sneaky habit. It is one that imprisons our full life potential : The Devil listed all his tools and tricks for sale and left only one at the back table, without a price tag, obviously not for sale. Demons, as they are by nature curious and unsatisfied with what they are already provided with, inquired about this last trick. The Devil said, ” It is not for sale, as I only need this one trick to keep my power over people”. The evil crowd got impatient to learn what this most powerful creation is. ” Doubt“- finally announced the Devil with his typical righteously sleek smile.

Doubt keeps us prisoners of fear.

It stops the creative flow and healthy energy from travelling throughout our body. Its power is strong and keeps us in obsessive thinking loops that can cover various topics from work to family, friends, the entire neighbourhood and world by the time we make tea in the morning. We unconsciously seek ways to keep ourselves away from claiming our worth, success, love, creativity, generosity, and most fulfilling life. The reason for that is we don’t want to fail, be hurt, ridiculed, be alone, and dismissed, as we may have been on other occasions. It is also what social media and the burnout economy perpetuate. Perfection, obedience to the norms and extra hard work will bring success some day. Sounds much like the Hunger Games Capitol’s promise. 

HOPE has a different story.

Hope, on the other hand, is worth another story. The story is as old as storytelling and one of my favourites, because a beautiful and curious creature was an instrument of unleashing evil into the world. When Pandora opened the box and unleashed the demons from the above story and all their tools into the world, one more thing escaped the box just before she shut it: ” Hope“. Hope opens the door and holds it strong enough for the light to come through. Hope is a solid foundation for awareness and keeping our focus on living an awakened, healthy life.

The Benefits of Hope

  • Did you know that hopeful employees experience less stress?
  • Placebo research studies also show that people with higher levels of hope heal better.

Trusting the process is something we hear often, yet really challenging to keep unshakable. Deep inside everyone knows in their heart it is possible to see clearly and be free. Imagine for a moment and locate where and how the feeling of HOPE manifests in your body and mind. What is it that you hope for with your open heart? Practice keeping it for a bit today, longer tomorrow, until it grows roots and dignity, confidence to take you on a brave adventure, one that you were destined to be on!

The story of Filip

My partner and I love to do simple and adventurous dates. We haven’t had one in a while and spent the entire day yesterday toursisting Toronto. Our first destination was AGO, yet on the way there we changed our minds few times which bus, subway or street car to take. We ended up on the subway, and had to change again due to closure. I was laughing as our paths were being directed and they were. On line 1 there was a young man in need asking for change. He passed in front of us with his cup, very polite. I knew I had no cash, but had some change, Poured it out of my wallet, but the train came and the man was far away already.

We boarded. I took out a book I am reading for an art project. Studying the old Bulgarian alphabet, which holds many spiritual mysteries within the letters and symbols themselves. I was deeply focused into the Bulgarian root when the man appeared again. He boarded the train as well, asking for change. I hurried to get the coins back out, gave them to him. Further down I heard someone else followed and coins sang in his paper cup. And then the young man said. “Thank you people, I will buy some food from McDonalds now. My grandpa used to buy me things, he loved me, he would have bought me a BigMac, but he died. My diado, he was great.”

I started crying “diado” is the word for grandpa. I whispered to Darren, he is Bulgarian. Then we heard the man say “diado-means grandpa in my language, I am Bulgarian”. The tears were coming down heavily, so Darren said “Let’s take him out for food”.  As if the guy knew, he made his way back to our side of the car and we took him out to McDonalds. He is younger than me, partly deaf, very polite, clean and thankful. His name is Filip. He is struggling to get off drugs, but trying, was homeless for 5 years, but managed to get a one-bedroom apartment through subsidized housing. He can do trade jobs, construction, any labour. I have his phone and email address, which he will have access to in one week. If you have a job that may suit this soul, let’s give him some HOPE!

Dignity is a direct path to HOPE for some and can save a life! It comes when a community holds safe space for a human being in need, so they can experience being a human in its bare and pure form. To be seen, spoken to, cared for, to exist!

Sending ❤️