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Why are we doing what we are doing?

The new year has already shown her unique and transformative character. How did you feel during the first week of 2024?

With goal setting and expectations galore, motivation may be overwhelming and lead to anxiety. Winter is a time for germination and retrospective, for nurturing the new. Yet, the new year goal setting comes at the peak of the Winter season and may feel like we are falling short… if we don’t hit the gym or meditate daily, or we haven’t organized and de-cluttered the house, opened a successful business, or resolved all of our family challenges within the first week already.

With my weekly care message, I am inviting you to another exercise. It follows the last one. Have a beginner’s mind!

Let’s pause all expectations, projects and people and imagine the ability to see abundance through scarcity. These are things we know but forget. A person without shoes has more than one without feet.

It is undeniable that the world is being shaken up. We are part of the evolution of our species, the same way the Romans, the Mayans and Tracians were. The good news is that we can cultivate awareness and be part of the emotional fabric of the future. I strongly believe we can influence global events by searching deeper within ourselves and by being loving- kindness towards all. Furthermore, there is enough for everyone, so let’s stop competing!

We open with the cartoon below…

Think about what aspects in your life you do without thinking or have done just because this is what is expected, that’s how has been done…

Traditions were life’s backbone.

Traditions such as songs, dances, using special words or names, and honouring natural cycles play an essential role in our evolution as a species. They carried wisdom and belonging through centuries, along with non-materialistic knowledge and techniques to survive and grow. Since the Industrial Revolution, these traditions have been slowly eroding in favour of comfort and abundance. We have placed survival and growth in the hands of the state and private interest. Worst of all is the fact that socially, through individual condemnations, we deny them as superstitions but bear witness to young people being medicated for the onsets of reactivity to the environment we have manifested.

The human collective is currently driven by a part of our biology, known as the lizard brain, and in Jungian psychology, closely paralleled as the shadow.

Spiritual traces of humanity describe a journey Joseph Campbell calls “The Hero’s Journey”. Rituals, language and timing within cycles show a path forward to human evolution. Our current social actions show that our lizard brain doesn’t want to evolve, and it is capable of extinction to prevent it. It is scared and panicky!

2024 traditions

I invite you, before adding more to your life with your 2024 resolutions, to think about what and why you need to change, to accumulate, to dream up something new. Questioning doesn’t mean removing; it means you act from a place of awareness. In the year of abundance, we may rediscover it is already within us!

Thinking about what and why we are doing…

I highly recommend watching two movies as you continue to ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

If you haven’t read the book- 1984, the movie is brilliant.

The second movie is currently shown at Tiff Lightbox and will leave you speechless and repeating the question with surgical precision to your actions, consumption and motivation –The Zone of Interest 

Jordan Peterson has a long interview with Russel Brand, where he stresses a few points I agree with, and it is consistent across religious and scientific theories and observations.

– the external is a reflection of the internal
– the real war is the war currently launched on universal principles, such as nature, love, humanity, consciousness, motherhood, and everything that ultimately keeps us on our natural evolutionary path and connected to each other
– we are stripped to atomized selves, bombarded with untruth information in a globally manifested culture
– nothing is sacred anymore. This reminds me of my favourite novel, by Nikita Bugalkov, The Master and Margarita. You can listen to it for free with your library card on the Libby App.

The onset of a mental health crisis shows a mass dissolution of life’s meaning and priorities due to the suppression of natural processes. I worked for 12 years in the Shopping Centre Industry. The entire industry is built on the premise of satisfying internal longing with external consumption. 

So, where am I going with this long message on a snowy Sunday?

Evolution is good

We are created to evolve when presented with challenges. All Sages and sacred books speak of crisis as an opportunity to grow. Darwin observed it, too.

When we fight, we fight with evolution and our innate nature. Humanity has built rite-of-passage rituals to integrate the experience. There is an unprecedented longing for belonging at the moment. Some of the evident signs are the onset of global crises of all types at the same time and, the renaissance of spirituality and psychedelics, the paradigm shifts in technology and energy. 

If the Earth managed the giant lizards, I think we have a chance to nurture our lizard brain into its next stage. It starts with nurturing the need for survival and belonging within us. Being connected and vulnerable, open to challenges and growth, this is where the resolutions hide.

That’s why I LOVE breathwork and sitting for all the beautiful and brave people in my sessions. It is the most gentle therapy and support for anyone motivated to release and evolve into a healthier, more connected and happier version of themselves. Without any side effects and the ability to work with the psyche and body simultaneously, it is the most ancient and restorative technique available. No matter what cycle and time of the year it is, breathwork gives complete control to the breather to access their abundance within.

Sending ❤️ and appreciation for your patience, loving nature, and bravery to follow your natural instincts.