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What is the burnout economy?

I am sending blessings from one of the oldest and most colourful European cities- Lisbon. This past week, I was part of an innovation and technology conference with nearly 80,000 people in attendance. As you may imagine, an event of this magnitude contains the energy and emotions of all its attendees. By the end of the week, I distilled hot off-the-press topics. The top two are the importance of human connection and burnout.

Burnout is a silent epidemic which pushes people to the edge of their mental health.

Symptoms vary, but the most prevalent consequence is that the person cannot function and is depleted of vitality. People may feel empty or experience symptoms of other conditions such as stroke heart attack, and migraines. Furthermore, there is the onset of a stark inability to make decisions or handle even the slightest challenges. Sometimes there is unexplained irritability and dark depression, combined with a loss of desire to live or make efforts to sustain daily life.

What can we do? How can we bring peace to the world?

To overcome the anxious energy and feelings, we start by focusing on us first. Hence, creating a safe and loving environment in our hearts allows us to hold a safe space for others on a mass scale. We become warriors of the light. I use warrior deliberately, as the term before adopted by warfare was synonymous with “codes of conduct based on respect, honour, protection and service. In the Wabanaki tradition, being a warrior meant that you were both a helper and shield to the community.” ~ Sherri Mitchell, Sacred Connection)

Understanding and embracing your medicine, your unique life purpose, your energetic signature, and your gift are the keys to peace and healing of the world. The feelings of fear and hopelessness feed the beast. I call it the global consciousness of desperation. It means that even if we have the best intentions, congregating to share and spread fear is not helping us or the people in need.

COVID accelerated burnout through human disconnect and increased demands for survival.

The speed and intensity of life are affecting people across the globe and causing mass suffering. Without prejudice, stress attacks amid endless efforts to fulfil the ever-more growing responsibilities of work, home, friends, social, and inward demands. It is impossible to keep up!

This past week, being amongst creative, inspiring, and brave people, I realized everyone had symptoms and experienced burnout in the last 3 years. We exist within an economy that perpetuates and promotes the complete exhaustion of natural resources externally and internally. The modern human runs on magical fumes, hoping and working hard for a better future, for a state of happiness that will fulfil the dream. But the modern human is exhausted and robbed of the present, pushing the hours in the day into the future.

The dream of the modern human has been manufactured to run the burnout economy.

An extended introduction to the positive side…the same people celebrated human connectedness and the importance of nurturing it further.