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Breathwork: the most natural medicine for healing stress.

I speak of stress openly because I suffered clinical burnout in 2019 and am still recovering four years later. What you may not know is how deeply stress affects our lives and how impactful is breathwork for managing it.

We are not fully aware of it because the reactivity triggered by stress and trauma is sneaky and becomes visible when it threatens our lives. It is normalized and often synonym for a badge of honour, especially in North America. It makes recognizing and addressing its ill effects on our mental and physical health challenging. Furthermore, many of its hidden repercussions hide in the unconscious and create addictions, suffering and silent pain. We live in a trance, blind to the devastating consequences of prolonged stress.

We keep telling ourselves, one more week or month, only until I get the promotion, get the kids through school, finish the renovation and so on. People keep pushing the goals of self-care and pumping more adrenaline, testing the limits of the body. Living in the future while our bodies suffer in the present.

Due to the economic and socio-political environment, we also have shared collective stress vibrations that permeate our lives. They are why there is currently a health crisis in the world that is not even making the news headlines but affecting more than ever teenagers and adults alike. There are unprecedented numbers of burnout, depression, suicide, physical autoimmune and chronic illness, particularly in the Western hemisphere. 

Gabor Matte is a renowned Canadian physician and authority on the relationship between stress and diseases, including chronic, autoimmune,  intestinal disturbances, cancer, and even ALS. His book  When The Body Says No is a must-read if you want to understand these dynamics better. Lousie Hay is another renowned author who speaks to the relationship between trauma and physical implications and a great start on your healing journey and understanding the pains you may be experiencing.

Breathwork is an ancient medicine and an accessible way to connect with your inner healer and move out of emotional stagnation and pain, and reduce the impact of stress. It is the most natural way of healing and therapy.

We unconsciously create blockages by self-blaming and judging for not being perfect and not getting everything done in a day. Social media intensifies comparison and the tendency to blame for falling short. Although fake to the human experience, it creates real stress for our mental and emotional fabric. Switch it all off for a couple of hours, then a day, perhaps a week after!

You are precious, unique and special and your physical and mental health matter. Please take care, educate, listen to your inner voice, ask for help, and seek community support. Remember, putting on your self-care mask is the best care for your family and friends.