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Лечебно Дишане

1.5-2h | $190-$220 (CAD)

Individual Breathwork Session

During an individual breathwork session, you will receive and release by directly tapping into the wisdom of your inner healer.

Your facilitator’s role is to hold a safe and nurturing space for you while guiding the experience. Leading with movement, personalized meditation, and active breathing, followed by sharing and integration. The individual session is recommended for people who are anxious about groups, want to dive deeper into the integration part, or wish to have an individually focused experience.

The sessions are offered in person in locations in Toronto, Canada and Sofia, Bulgaria. A video session is available worldwide.

1.5-2h | $55-$75 (CAD)

Group Breathwork Sessions

Group Breathwork Sessions are not only fun, exciting, powerful and electric, but they are also incredibly healing.

The power of the tribe and community has been part of the human experience throughout history. Rituals were performed in groups for thousands of years prior to industrialization and the isolation of the self. One of the reasons for the increase in anxiety, depressive conditions and emotional suffering is our social disconnect.

Being together is a powerful medicine. The group experience offers a sharing circle at the end of the session, and some of the emerging synchronicities are truly breathtaking.

Inquire about a group session near you or reserve a session for your private group of 10 or more people.

Upcoming group session dates:

May 8, Toronto, Reconnection Part 1

May 11, Chicago, Connect With Your Roots

May 18, Toronto, Reconnection

May 30, Toronto, Finding Refuge

June 7, Toronto, Youth & Guardians

Breathers’ Love

The average person takes about 20,000 breaths a day. Making them count and having a supportive environment to let go is vital to living a fulfilling and healthy life.

Breathwork is a safe and powerful way to achieve physical and emotional release. Trauma and stress energies get trapped in our bodies, and the mind creates endless chatter due to years of habitual reactivities as self-preserving mechanisms.

Thousands of sessions and numerous scientific research studies have been conducted without known side effects, allowing most people to experience a profound impact with minimal effort.

“The breathwork session with Mira was a very healing experience for me. Mira guided me through different breathing techniques in a very mindful and nurturing way. The session was beautiful, peaceful, exciting and challenging all at the same time. It helped me understand, process and release a lot of difficult emotions and experiences that I was holding in my body and mind. Following the session, I was feeling lighter, happier and more positive than I have in a very long time. As a holistic practitioner myself, I always knew the importance of breathwork; however, I didn’t realize how effective it is until I experienced it myself. I was able to release a lot more in one breathwork session than I would have otherwise in conventional therapy. I am so very grateful for Mira’s guidance through this process.”

Anna Brookman

Holistic Nutritionist, Ontario, CA