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Everything you are looking for is within you!

We live in a hurried, over-stimulated, and confusing world. Our natural instincts are put to the test of guiding our exhausted selves to a place of healing and reconnection. This is why you are here today!

I have created a practice that combines ancient techniques and simplicity to guide your inner healer to a place of empowerment and transformation.

Most importantly, I teach integration and provide support on your journey.

We are all connected, and by supporting each other, we are changing the world.




Breathwork is a carefully designed modality of mindful, controlled breathing that reconnects people with their bodies and true nature.

Breathing therapy has been used since ancient times.

In a safe and monitored by a trained professional environment, people experience a deep connection with themselves and release emotional and physical trauma and blockages only by practising a pre-set breathing style.

The experience includes meditation, energetic movement or dancing, and active breathing, followed by meditation and an integration period.

Physical and Mental Benefits

  • regulated breathing and expanded physical capacity
  • hormonal and physical balancing contributing to overall rejuvenation
  • improved attention and decrease of stressful hormones
  • release of physical blockages within the body
  • support in injury recovery
  • improved sleep cycle
  • aids recovery from burn out, anxiety, depression, and overwhelming feelings
  • increased feelings of comfort, relaxation, vigour and alertness
  • increased self awareness and the connection with others and the living world
  • release of mental blocks and a clearer perspective
  • decrease in mental chatter and obsessive thoughts

How to experience breathwork?

The healing power of breathwork could emerge in your life in various ways. I offer three options to reconnect with your most authentic self and enhance your healing journey. Each experience provides a unique way of connecting and has benefits that surpass the thinking mind.

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individual breathwork sessions

Individual Sessions

The Individual sessions are 1.5 – 2.5 h long and are facilitated in person or through a video call.

The session provides individual guidance and integration of the personal experience.

Individual sessions provide a powerful opportunity for self-care.

At the end of the session, you walk away with a connection and integration tools that will support you as you embark on an exciting, self-loving journey.

Group Classes

Group classes are are 1.5 – 2.5 h long. They raise the collective energy and unlock emotions and physical sensations.

The power of a community that breathes and feels together is theraputic for society at large.

By participating in one of the group sessions, you will meet like-minded people and tap into one of the most authentic ways of healing together and for all.

Reconnect Retreats

The Reconnect Retreats are carefully designed 3-5 days retreats. They offer a simple setting to experience breathwork, emotional expression, and transformation through food, and reconnection with the natural world.

Simplicity and expression guide you on an invigorating experience with the support of a small group of people.

The retreats offer a luxurious inward journey.

“Breathwork changes lives.”

Mira kopanarov, storyteller and breathwork coach

“Mira was an excellent coach and I had a wonderful session with her. As this was my first-time doing Breathwork, Mira guided me through each stage of breathing even online. Mira explained that breathing techniques can profoundly affect our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

I did not know what to expect but I learned the breathing technique even if I was unable to get the rhythm at the beginning. However, with Mira’s guidance I was ready to learn techniques like belly, box, and nostril breathing.

I also love the music and how it elevates the experience. My favourite was the combination of breathing at the end- it was exhausting but very satisfying. I had a vivid vision of my childhood with my loved ones and it gave me peace and happiness.

Overall, it was such a physically demanding session but very relaxing at the end. I felt like all negativity came out of my body.

Thank you so much, Mira! Keep doing what you do to help people!”

Melody C
Founder, Creative Director, Winnipeg